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Dixie Jubilee
Dixie Jubilee

Bio - Our Story

Hi, my name is Kenneth Buggay.

I am the husband of Candace and father to Judah, Johanna, Georgia, Jacob, Joseph and John, and we are the Dixie Jubilee. When Candace and I became engaged back in 1996, her friends told me that we will work out great because I could do the preaching and she could play the piano. I didn't think too much about it at the time because a lot of preacher's daughters play piano.

We married in May of 1997 and along came Judah, Johanna and Georgia. The three were interested in music very early in life. Judah, still in diapers would strum the return grills of the air conditioner duct work to hear the different pitches and the girls likewise were singing soon after learning to talk.

When they began music lessons I would inquire every now and then how they were doing. The response was always very good and my children were described as natural musicians. Natural musician, I thought. I had not considered that. I thought back to how everyone bragged on Candace's playing ability and realized she just didn't play the piano, but she was a natural musician. She passed along this gift to her children.

The front four of the Dixie Jubilee are Candace, Judah, Johanna, and Georgia. However, this could change as the other children grow up. They perform Southern/Bluegrass Gospel music, but listen out for some beautiful Celtic and Classical harp pieces mixed in.

I hope you enjoy and are blessed by their music.

Hi, I am Candace (Peacock) Buggay,  the wife of Kenny and the mother of our six children.
Yes, I am a a musician, I love music and Jesus.  While growing up in the small town of Broxton, Ga.
one of the highlights of my childhood was going to the all night gospel sings in Waycross.  Those are special memories to me.

My earliest music teachers were my Papa Peacock (Bass) and Terry Weeks (Piano) and they remain big influences in my musical tastes.
I loved Southern Gospel music and singing out of the old "Red Book" hymnal.
When I was around 14 I heard the music of John Michael Talbot and it was an awakening for me. 
I fell in love with his music and branched out into contemporary Christian music as well.
It was a time of broadening for my musical tastes but as I matured I came back to more of my Southern Gospel roots, but all these influences you will hear in our music.

I played the piano and organ at the church I grew up in and that my father pastored.
I have a degree from Valdosta State University in early childhood education and a minor in music.
Growing up in a very musical family and church environment, I wanted the same or better for my children.
One Sunday morning, at our little country church, this handsome stranger came walking in the door.
His name was Kenny and I'm  so glad he came along, but... he wasn't a musician. (Opposites?)
However, I can remember on our second "date" (if one could call a walk around the family farm a date),
Kenny saying, "It would be easy to write a country song."
I told him "he should write one," but he said "no" because he liked music with a good message.

Moving on in time!

As Judah, Johanna and Georgia developed musically we came to a cross road. 
Do we keep doing cover songs or do we develop our own musical message?
I had my fears, but Kenny and the girls were steadfast in the "do our own thing and let the chips fall where they may."
As a result, Kenny wrote quite a few original songs and we put them to music, a large part of our CD's are the result of this collaboration.
We want to bring Christian music to God's people that resonates with life's experiences.
I am very thankful to do my part by playing the piano, the upright bass and adding vocals.
A special thank you to my parents, Allen and Pearl Peacock for raising me in a loving Christian home and a special hello to my brothers, Ramon and Victor.

I pray you are blessed by our music.


Hi, my name is Judah and I play the banjo and guitar for the Dixie Jubilee.
When I'm not doing music with the family, I love to talk about tough trucks and fast cars.
I've always wanted a Dodge Cummins Truck, Diesel Power! 

When just a little boy I remember meeting another family bluegrass band, The Farnum Family.
I really liked Mr. Norm Farnum's banjo playing and I wished I could play a banjo like that!
I began banjo lessons at the age of 9 and I am very thankful for my parents getting me going in the right direction in life and music.

When I want to have a good time, I love going to the "Red Barn" up in Jasper and just jam with some good bluegrass pickers.
I have come to realize that doing shows and making CDs takes a lot of work, so it's great just to gather with other pickers and go at it.
I am an instrumental musician; I love the sound of the instruments, so I would prefer to leave the vocals to my mama and sisters.
However, in the Dixie Jubilee, when we need a guy to sing a song, well, that falls on me.
I'd like to say a very special thank you to Darren and Allen at Gat 3 Midsouth for their coaching and patience with me in recording my vocals.
Daddy says I'll get used to singing and to tell the truth, I think I am.
Hello, I'm Johanna, and I play the mandolin and fiddle for the Dixie Jubilee. 
When I was 8, we were waiting out in the car at Dave Donley's music store. As Judah finished his banjo lesson, Mama walked out with a mandolin.
I asked her "who is it for"? And she said," For anyone who wants to play it."  So I started playing it.
A little later I began taking lessons with Tristan Weeks and also started taking fiddle lessons a couple of years later.
(I don't know what I would've done without my teachers prodding me along.)

Yes, Georgia and I are twins... but not identical as many assume. I am the older one (by about 5 minutes)
 but, I usually don't take advantage of that fact. ;)
She is my best friend in the whole world and we can usually be found together, or looking for one another.
Georgia and I enjoy many types of music and we enjoy playing and singing together.
I also love to draw and paint, especially people and especially eyes.
Hanging out with friends is always a favorite pastime too!
Mainly what I do in the Dixie Jubilee is just whatever I can do to make it go smoothly. :)
I help in the arrangements, harmonies, and vocals as well.

I really am excited about the opportunities that God has given us, and I hope they can be used for His glory and for the benefit of others.
Hey! My name is Georgia and I'm the harp player of the group.
I've always loved music and as far back as I can remember, I've always liked to sing and listen to music.
When Judah started playing the banjo,  Johanna and I wanted an instrument to play too.
Both Daddy and Mama encouraged us to be musical and said we need to choose an instrument to play. 
As a young girl, Mama introduced the idea of playing an elegant instrument of melodious sounds, the harp!
I liked that idea myself.
Mama told me that they were expensive and that I would need Daddy's approval. 
When Daddy came home from work, Mama and I brought him into the living room to make our announcement.
(at that time he didn't know much about instruments)
Mama told him I had an announcement for him.  I said, "I want to play the harp."
He just looked at me kind of funny and asked "Do they still make harps?"
Then of course Mama went on to assure him that they did, and pretty soon I had a teacher and rental harp to practice on!
But it was not long before I realized that there was more to it than I realized.
I wondered why in the world I ever wanted to play the harp! It was so hard, and "I couldn't do it"!
But thankfully Mama kept me at it and I guess my harp playing today is a testimony of Mama enforcing that thirty minutes of practice a day.
And I'm thankful she did!

I love playing the harp and I have competed in Scottish harp competitions a few times and won a few awards.
I also play a little fiddle and sing. I absolutely love to sing!
Other things I like to, paint, shop (you never know what bargains might be out there!),
and to get together with my friends!

Hey, my name is Jacob.
I love the outdoors. When I grow up I just want my own 1000 acres to hunt, fish, and trap on.
When I was younger, I was known to hunt grizzly bears in my back yard.
For my 12th birthday, daddy bought me a 20 gauge Remington shotgun, and I really enjoy it.
I've added a 12 gauge H&R, a 7-08 Remington rifle, and a Browning 22 lever action. By the way I'm in the market for a Ruger 22.
My favorite adventures are camping and hiking with hunting and fishing mixed in.
We have done this in the mountains on the Appalachian Trails and on the Satilla River in south Georgia, and it was great fun.

I enjoy wrestling too. I've taken lessons in Jiu jitsu and competed in several tournaments.
We have goats and chickens, and Joseph and I milk the goats and collect the eggs.
I really enjoy going to Bible School in February at Emmanuel Christian Fellowship and Camp Fairview in July hosted by Peachtree Baptist Church.
We go to Bethel Baptist and Brother Bill Neese is the Pastor.

I really enjoy reading, especially the Bible, history and the old west.

Hey, my name is Joseph. What's yours?
(Prompted by questions from the family)

I love my Mama and Daddy.
I'm taking guitar lessons from Mrs. Tristan.
I like playing with my neighbors, Roman and Harrison.
When I grow up I want to live next door to Jacob and we can go hunting and fishing together.
I like to wrestle, and I have taken some Jiu jitsu courses and wrestled in tournaments. That was fun.
I like to sneak up on people and scare them.
I like hunting, fishing and trapping, but I like fishing the best.
My Mema and Papa Peacock have a farm in south Georgia and I love going there!
We have a lot of cousins down there to play with.

Hey, I'm John.
(Answers came from questions by family)

For fun I like to do all kind of different things.
In the mornings I like going down to Mr. Ed's office and eating snacks.
I like helping my Mama in the garden and snuggling with her.
I like camping out with Jacob and Joseph, and I'm learning how to skate.
I like to play with my neighbors Roman and Harrison, and I don't like it when Joseph and Harrison sneak off without me.
I'm taking bass lessons from Mrs. Tristan.
When we go visit Papa Peacock, he takes me on golf cart rides.
I used to be scared of owls, but not anymore.
When I go to work with Daddy, he gets me a treat at Dunkin' Donuts.
I like doing my school and reading.
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