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Greg Williams

Oh what a journey it's been for me!  I was born on October 5, 1963, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the late Leonard & Catherine 'Louise' Ellis Williams

My father was an old-time Baptist preacher, and my mother was a wonderful Christian stay-at-home mom who worked and helped lead all of her children to the Lord. We moved to Kentucky in the late 1960s, and Dad pastored different churches.  I was born again in 1970!  I married a sweet little gal, Rachel Ann Moran Williams on May 19, 1990. I surrendered to the call to preach July 24, 1996.   Glenwood Baptist Church has been my home church for a number of years and where I've had the privilege to pastor too. I've been with three other gospel groups on my journey, the Christian Messenger, The Sojourners, and Harvest Time Band.  My, how God has blessed my life!  I'm thankful to be with Journey Home now and sing the Gospel in song. Our goal is to live and serve the lord, whether it's preaching or singing the Gospel. May God richly bless you and your family.
Danny Tuttle

I was born in Crossville, Tennessee, on December 15, 1974.  My father and mother, Bill and Shirley Tuttle, raised me and my younger brother, Jeff, in church from the time we were born. My dad is a Baptist preacher and my mom is a preachers wife.  I don’t say that to “state the obvious”, but rather to recognize that she is a God fearing woman who loves the Lord and has always backed my dad. That’s what I call a preachers wife!  I attended Midway School. I have a beautiful wife, Kathy Jo, and two stepchildren, Chelsey and Brian Smith.  The Lord called me to preach, and I have been preaching since 1993.  I love the Lord, and I am so thankful for His great blessings…most of all, for saving me when I was only 9 years old at a revival meeting. I’m glad to say that, since that day, He has never left me but He has always been my dearest and closest friend, and has kept me just like He said He would.  I have been playing and singing most my life. I was raised around it. I believe God has put me in this place to glorify Him.  I am also thankful for Journey Home, and how God is using us. My heart’s desire for Journey Home is that God would continue to use and bless us to see souls saved, and Christians encouraged.

Ryan Hamby

I was born on March 7th 1993 in Knoxville Tennessee, I currently live and have been raised in Scott county Tennessee, which is just  south of the Kentucky state line. I’ve always been around gospel music all my life, my great papaw "Ernest Hamby" sang with the Oneida R.E. Winstent Quartet, my papaw "Alonzo Hamby" sang in his group the True Way Gospels until the 80s when The Singing Hambys started I played dobro for them for 7 years. I got saved at age 7 by my mom and dads bed side. I knew I was lost and I didn’t want to die that way. I told dad I was scared and wanted to be saved we got down and prayed and the Lord saved me that night.

Carrie Galyon

My name is Carrie, I was born and raised in Sweetwater, Tennessee, with my dad, mom, brother Sam, and sister Susan.  I'd like to say that I thank the Lord for saving my soul when I was only 8 years old! I was saved in an old fashioned revival at Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, where my dad, Austin, was preaching. It was his first revival after he announced his call to preach.  Our mother, Carolyn, took my brother, sister, and me to church by herself since we were born, long before our father got right with the Lord! I remember her praying for him and living around the altar on his behalf. When he did finally get reacquainted with the Lord, it wasn't long that he had to preach.  And in his first revival, as I've already said, is where I asked God to come into my heart!  I have sung in church since I was just little. My mom's family sang for years and we went all over the country singing. Now I sing with my husband Mitch, my first cousin Danny, and Greg, who is just like family to me.  I love to sing, but, most of all, I want to uplift HIS name in our work for him and be a blessing to someone on the way!

Mitch Galyon

I was born in Sweetwater, Tennessee, on June 4, 1966, to  Verlin and Marcie Galyon.  I've lived in Sweetwater all my life.  I was saved at Union McMinn Baptist Church in Niota, Tennessee, when I was sixteen. Thank the Lord that my parents raised me in church and taught me to work for the Lord!  I've always been exposed to music through my dad, who was a choir director since I was a child. I can remember always listening to records in our house and it seemed like every Saturday night we were going to a singing somewhere.  I cherish those memories and am thankful for them.  I started playing the guitar around the age of fifteen and have been in several groups through the years, including The Rocky Springs Quartet, The Victoryeirs, The Sacred Scene, First Step and the Crystal Road Band. In 2008, the Lord took my wife home to be with Him after almost twenty years of marriage with her and four wonderful children. Later on, the Lord put Carrie and I together, and soon after that we started singing together.  I'm thankful the Lord has put us all together, and my heart’s desire is that we will be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ and see some souls saved.


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