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The Moore Brothers Band had their 1st stage performance in 2007. From the beginning, you could hear the “Old Soul” feeling in their music. Since that 1st performance, they have evolved into crowd pleasing entertainers, became multi-instrumentalist and embraced brother harmony. You will see Isaac bending the strings on his guitar, singing from the soul and engaging the crowd.  Jacob will be singing harmony and improvising on his fiddle, mandolin, banjo or guitar. With the addition of Daniel Perry on the doghouse bass and vocals, their high energy drive and harmonies have reached another level.  The synergy or unspoken language of music between Jacob, Isaac and Daniel is only totally experienced in a live show. You will hear many musical influences throughout their shows including blues, gospel, bluegrass, jazz & even swing. The Moore Brothers Band performs about 70 shows a year throughout the Southeast. The latest CD project “Pick It Brother”, recorded on Music Row in Nashville, is now available for purchase. Their hope is to be able to share their God given talent with audiences all over the world.
Moore Brothers Band
Gospel Bluegrass
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