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Paul James Sound
Paul James Sound is a Southern/Country Gospel Trio based in Columbus, Ohio. The manager, Paul James Byer, was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia.  Diane Byer, PJ’s wife, is from Zanesville in Southeast Ohio. Patty Sleeper grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and sang as a soloist before PJS. Paul James and Diane met at a church “pig roast” in 1985 as they played piano for their respective groups. Within a couple of years, they got married and started a family and their life long journey together in the music ministry. Not knowing exactly what God had in store for them, they kept playing and singing with other groups and leading music at their church. Paul James is currently the minister of music at SW Free Will Baptist Church.
PJ and Diane came together with Patty Sleeper at their home church in 2008 to start their own singing group known as Paul James Sound and recorded their first of three projects. From there, folks have come to love their tight harmonies, humbleness, and most of all, their attentiveness to the Holy Spirit as they sing and minister in song. PJS has had three national single releases to radio and will be appearing on American Gospel Onstage and Great American Gospel television programs.
Our Mission – is to spread the gospel as much as we possibly can to a lost and dying world. We want to be a blessing and an encourager to the church body. We aim to present the gospel of Christ in a high quality way, and most of all, with God’s guidance.
Major Accomplishments – do not include awards or even recognition. Our accomplishments are those times, for example; when we saw four people come and get saved in one service.  Another, is when we witnessed a friend that was dying of cancer smile at us as we stood by his bedside. We sang to him and cried tears of sorrow and joy before he went on to heaven a couple of hours later,  or when someone came up to us and said, “We have been uplifted by listening to your music all day”. Those are just a few examples of our greatest moments!

Contact/Booking Info – If you would like Paul James Sound at your church, concert or other event, contact them at:

Address: 3508 Meadow Valley Street, Columbus, Ohio 43207
Phone: (614) 668-8916 / (614) 975-1123

Paul James Sound
Southern Gospel
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