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Reliance is a trio of talented men who have dedicated their lives to sharing the Gospel in song.  Each of these men knows Christ as their personal savior and they all have extensive singing and music ministry experience.  In fact,added together they represent over 75 years of touring and music ministry experience.
     For Stephen Anastasia, singing lead with Reliance cumulates his deeply seated love for Christ, a call to music ministry, and a lifetime love for singing harmony.  Stephen has performed as a classical vocalist singing opera, oratorio and classical music for over a decade, but he has always cherished singing the old hymns and gospel songs. Baritone singer, Ken Hurley, is a survivor of the polio epidemics of the1950's.  He shares his testimony of how God touched his life and gifted him with the ability to play piano with only 2 years of lessons.  Today, Ken is a professional Gospel concert pianist, having shared performance stages with such talents as Kim Collingsworth, Jeff Stice, Trey Ivy, Gerald Wolf, and many others.  He also hosts 2 popular Southern Gospel music radio shows in the West.  Tyson Harness, an extremely talented tenor singer, traveled extensively in his youth with the world renowned Celebrant Singers.   When not on the road,he works as a Respiratory Therapist and occasionally leads worship in his church.
      Reliance presents an exciting program filled with inspiration, encouragement and joy.  They travel all across America in concert venues and in church services.  They would love to bring their music and joy to your church or concert event.  For scheduling information, please call Sharon at559.974.2397.Our verse:".I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in RELIANCE on your faithfulness."  Psalm 26:2-4



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